Clint Annis

Head of Google Accounts
5 Years

Personal Biography

Since joining Silva Habeck in 2019, He has helped turn the company around with his technical and teamwork abilities.  He has been able to help take poor performing companies analytics and turn them around into a profitable company with new business.  He has helped pave the way into a new digital advertising world and is always up for a challenge. He is also very crafty outside of work, loves to work on cars and a history buff. You can find him hanging with friends and family and focusing on the good life. 

Proffesional skills

Google Analytics
94 %
Seo optimization
92 %
SEM Optimization
85 %


  • Google Analytics
  • Google Reports
  • Data mining and fact finding
  • Find more creative ideas for your projects
  • Helping find new ways to maximize efforts

Diversity of Expereince

His experience knows no bounds, since diving into the digital world 15 years ago, he has become more and more diverse in the knowledge of how things work in the digital world.  Starting back on 56k internet to now, he has learned along the way to help make him be ahead of the curve.  He is always learning new programs or ways to alter the ones he has now for the better. Always learning, Always changing, he is a big reason why Silva Habeck is here today.